The Benefits of Trap Neuter Return

The Benefits of Trap Neuter Return

TNR stands for Trap Neuter Return, and it’s a method of humanely catching feral cats, spaying/neutering them, and returning them to the cat community. In one year, the BCAS has increased TNR by 123 cats! The benefits of TNR are the reason why we continue to strive for an increasing number.

TNR reduces shelter admissions and operating costs. Also, fewer community cats in shelters increases shelter adoption rates, as more cage space opens up for adoptable cats.

These programs create safer communities and promote public health by reducing the number of unvaccinated cats. They improve the lives of free-roaming cats. When males are neutered, they are no longer compelled to maintain a large territory or fight over mates, and females are no longer forced to endure the physical and mental demands of giving birth and fending for their young. Sterilizing community cats reduces or even eliminates the behaviors that can lead to nuisance complaints.


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