Tabby House Updates

Tabby House Updates

Last year alone, volunteers contributed more than 24,000 hours of their time to the Tabby House in almost every area of operations!  We’ve included a list of our amazing volunteers who all deserve to be recognized:


Aron Tursd

Cathy Parsons

Chris Zilko

David Wilganowski

Diana Gill

Diane Voge

Donette Carroll

Emily Rumfelt


Gretchen Goodrich

Helena Chutjian

James Neary

Martha Berry



Melissa Bowers

Pagan McLemore

Pat Ashton

Rachel Rankin

Roberta Gunderson

Rose Prulx

Rosemary Hunt

Rusty Meyer

Sarah Wilson

Stacey Sparks-Lazurek

Sue Spangler

Susan Fearon

Trudy Tresky



Jamisha Dunkelbergor

Jen & Rowan

Jena Corrigan

Kathleen Jordan

Laura Korte

Lesley Wilkes

Lina Fisher


Louise Biedermann

Margot Eld

Marguerite Quintelli

Marilyn Cooler

Marlene Coleman


Due to the above’s hard work and dedication, the Tabby House proudly reports that last year, 339 cats were transferred in while 252 were then adopted out! This number has increased since 2015, and we only hope to keep going on this path!

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