Pitbulls by the Numbers

Pitbulls by the Numbers

Pit Bull and Pit Bull mixes length of stay at Beaufort County Animal Services exceeds 30 days versus other breeds that is typically less than 5 days! While the intake isn’t decreasing, it is also not increasing. The good news is that the spay and neuters of Pit Bulls/Pit Bull mixes has increased by more than 100%!

Since Beaufort County’s Pit Bull spay-neuter law took effect October 15, 2015:

370 Pit Bulls from the public were spayed and neutered for free

321 Pit Bulls have been spayed/neutered at the shelter

691 total Pit Bulls have been spayed/neutered in 2016

Only 4 owners appealed the new ordinance

Less than 2% surrendered due to the law


These are awesome numbers, as 66% of 443 Pit Bulls that we took in from October 13, 2015 – December 1, 2016 were live release!

Help us keep up the good work!


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