“Educating the Public is Our Number One Goal” Beaufort County Animal Service Officers

“Educating the Public is Our Number One Goal” Beaufort County Animal Service Officers

Ever since our Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department rendered the responsibility of Animal Control to our county Commissioned Officers, the world of Animal Services has changed and made an impressive impact on the world of Enforcement. In the beginning of the year, we kept seeing the same pattern occur in our complaints. Being that the same incidents have occurred multiple times in different areas of the county, our officers set out to survey the public on why these things happen.

After careful review and numerous strategies built, our officers took in the information provided by the community to help better serve the community. The end results showed us that not everyone in Beaufort County has the means to provide for their animals. Tasks such as; Rabies Inoculations, Tethering Lines, Spay/Neuter Operations, Housing, and even transportation has been an issue, even for the wealthiest of the communities here in Beaufort County.

The “Retention V. Apprehension” Program gave the community a sense of a fresh start for a new beginning. Here at the shelter we were able to host low cost rabies clinics and provide a list for those who could not make it. At the commencement of the year 2016 all Pit-bulls and pit-mixes were required to be spayed or neutered. Our officers were able to go out and help transport some of these animal to the shelter so that they can be operated on free of charge and in doing so, the animals were able to receive their current vaccinations. The effect took place for the $10 voucher that was offered to the public to have any of their animals fixed and vaccinated that were not of the pit-bull breed or mixed.

From assisting with proper housing to requiring a vet visit, our Animal Service Officers turned a complied list of 336 Animal Cruelty Investigations and retained 95% of the animals to their own property; only 16 cases resulted in the conviction of Animal Cruelty.

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